Time Travel in Popular Culture, w/guest Molly McAshan

Ever since H.G. Wells’ classic novel The Time Machine was published back in 1895, the concept of time travel has proven to be manna from heaven for pencil-chewing scriptwriters. Besides appealing for our longing for the ability to correct mistakes of the past, time travel is the ultimate “fish out of water” narrative staple that works for comedy, horror, and every genre in between. Cinemaphile and movie blogger Molly McAshan will join me to discuss everything from classics such as Back to the Future and The Terminator to more recent films such as The Butterfly Effect and the newly-relaunched TV series Dr. Who. [Originally broadcast on WLUW’s Under Surveillance in July 2008.]

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Kevin Fullam is a writer and researcher, with extensive experience in fields ranging from sports analytics to politics and cinema.
In addition, he has hosted two long-running radio series on film and culture, and taught mass media at Loyola University.
Episodes of his two shows, Split Reel and Under Surveillance, are archived on the Radio page.