The Florida Project! The Square! And more ramblings about that tricky concept called humor…

Greetings folks — more Fourth Wall conversations for your consumption!

The Florida Project — My pick for the best film of 2017 (thus far), about folks scraping by in the seedy motels that reside in the shadow of Orlando’s Disney World.

The Square — A rather excellent Australian neo-noir caper from 2008, written by Joel Edgerton (and directed by his brother Nash).

The Fall of The Simpsons — No, that’s not a spinoff adventure of Homer & Co.; it actuall is about the decline of a once-great landmark comedic work, spurred by the fascinating dissection of humor via an insightful YouTube critique.

BoJack Horseman, Season 4 — “I know now why you laugh, but it’s something I can never do.” If I was playing Arnold’s T-800 in Terminator 2, I might’ve used this line instead? BoJack has wowed fans and critics, including my Fourth Wall collaborator Clarence. As for me, I spent the whole time watching with a vacant stare…

The Levelling — A low-key British drama from 2016, about a young woman who comes home to pick up the pieces of the family farm after a tragedy.

The Babadook — Just in time for Halloween! This 2014 Australian horror tale kicked off a broader conversation on our tastes re: the horror genre.

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