The Depiction of Journalism in Film, w/guest Matthew Ehrlich

Whether they be publishing tyrants like Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane or investigative crusaders such as Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman’s Woodward & Bernstein in All the President’s Men, journalists have served as protagonists in a number of cinematic landmarks throughout the years. What makes the world of journalism such a compelling arena for film? And how have depictions of the field changed based on the real-life evolution of the industry? Matthew Ehrlich is a professor of journalism at the University of Illinois, and author of the book Journalism in the Movies. [Originally broadcast on WLUW’s Under Surveillance in June 2008.]

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Kevin Fullam is a writer and researcher, with extensive experience in fields ranging from sports analytics to politics and cinema.
In addition, he has hosted two long-running radio series on film and culture, and taught mass media at Loyola University.
Episodes of his two shows, Split Reel and Under Surveillance, are archived on the Radio page.