The Current State of TV Sitcoms, w/guest Robert Thompson

If there’s one genre of television that seems to be on life-support, it’s the traditional sitcom. As long-running shows such as FrasierEveryone Loves Raymond, and Friends have shuffled off the airwaves in recent years, some have commented that the prototypical three-camera sitcom is finally being put out to pasture. Do new approaches to the genre such as The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm represent the future of television comedy? Will we ever see another sitcom that everybody is watching, like Seinfeld? And where does The Simpsons fall into this discussion — and why the need for a Simpsons film while the show is still on the air? Returning as my guest is Robert Thompson, professor at Syracuse University and the founder of the Center for Television and Popular Culture. [Originally broadcast on WLUW’s Under Surveillance in May 2007.]

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Kevin Fullam is a writer and researcher, with extensive experience in fields ranging from sports analytics to politics and cinema.
In addition, he has hosted two long-running radio series on film and culture, and taught mass media at Loyola University.
Episodes of his two shows, Split Reel and Under Surveillance, are archived on the Radio page.