Sword & Sorcery on the Screen, w/guest Jody Lynn Nye

Television and film has historically not been kind to fantasy tales. Before the current successful Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter film franchises, Hollywood struggled to offer quality sword & sorcery movies — for every Conan the Barbarian, flops like Krull and Dungeons and Dragons were far more commonplace. But whereas Star Wars launched a wave of sci-fi films in the late ’70s and early ’80s, why hasn’t the LOTR series thus far accomplished the same feat? And how come we don’t see the subject matter being treated seriously on television, as opposed to the recent campy Hercules and Xena shows? My guest is fantasy author Jody Lynn Nye, whose book An Unexpected Apprentice was published in June and who also is the co-author with Robert Asprin on the long-running Myth Adventures series.[display_podcast] Â

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