Revolutionary Road, The Thin Blue Line, Thirteen, and others…

It’s been a while, I know, but I’ve got lots more content out there in the way of cinema conversation!

Revolutionary Road  — Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet tear down their marriage from within, one verbal dagger at a time, in this ’50s-era adaptation of a Richard Yates novel.

The Thin Blue Line — This Errol Morris film about the murder of a police officer a decade earlier not only served as a landmark documentary, but also led to the exoneration and release of a wrongly-convicted suspect.

Thirteen — Let’s just say that the lifestyles of these renegade youth (based on the real exploits of actress/co-screenwriter Nikki Reed) were way crazier than anything experienced by this humble scribe, who spent much of this age buried under computer games and comic books.

Mindhunter — Seems that most folks dug this Netflix series about 1970s FBI investigators on the trail of a serial killer? I didn’t. Read to see why!

Black Mirror, Season 4 — In contrast, Charlie Brooker’s series on the dark side of technological progress has rarely failed to deliver the goods. In this season, Brooker & Co. tackle online dating, helicopter parenting, and the world of immersive computer gaming.

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